Top 5 Festival Wellies for Kids

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OK, so this Summer has not been your typical pre festival season mud fest, but one thing we Brits know is that the rain can return at any moment so as a great Brownie once said……”BE PREPARED!”

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Even with a hose pipe ban, you can never be too careful and to be honest a festival isn’t a festival without a pair of wellies on your feet so here are our Top 5 for the kids!

Unicorn's Do Exist!

Unicorn Wellies

John Lewis, £16

And what’s better you can wear them on your feet! Complete with mane and horn, these are every girl’s dream when it comes to festival footwear – good old John Lewis!

Customisation Is Key!

Customised Wellies, £9.99

Everyone knows that Festival Fashion is all about honing your own unique look and hey, why should the kids miss out on this? These are wellies that you can decorate yourself! Meaning each one is unique and fully bespoke. So for all the budding fashionista’s out there, this is a must. Or for more sensible parents you can write your contact details on them in case you manage to lose your little cherub in the festival mele!

Little Feet

Wellie Booties

If you are faced with taking a toddler to a festival you are going to need a pair of these bad boys! Yellow - so easy to spot when kicked off in the middle of a rain soaked field, during a tantrum and perfect for little people!

Put Them To Work!

M&S Wellies

Marks & Spencer, £10-£12

Taking kids to a festival is back breaking work. The kit. The tired legs. The “Can I go on your shoulders as I can’t see Dick and Dom!”. So, don’t make your life any harder - get them these wellies with handles so they can actulally put them on themselves. One less job for you to do and later, when they refuse to wear them because they are hot/tired/cold/want to make you suffer (delete as applicable) and you have to carry them back to the tent, they have handles to make it slightly more bearable!

The Mother of All Wellies -, from £45

If you are anything like Sam and I, you spend far more on your kids wardrobes than you do your own. So if that is the case, these are the PERFECT wellies; sparkly, designer and with a heel! If only our feet were small enough to fit them, we could avoid paying the VAT ont eh adult sizes and actually look cool for once.

Silver Hunter Wellies

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