Top 5 Biodegradable Baby Wipes

written by Cat

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Baby wipes are a convenient, every day essential when you have a small person's bum to keep clean and definitely an easier alternative to the old water and cotton wool malarky. A couple of wipes and you're all done!

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However, as per the article on whether I could live my life without wet wipes (the answer is NO!), we all know they're no good for the environment and most of them contain nasties including chemicals and preservatives.

So, a great alternative to the usual wet wipes or baby wipes, most of which contain the aforementioned nasties and are not fully biodegradeable, I've rounded up my Top 5 100% biodegradeable baby wipes for you:

Mum & You % Biodegradeable Baby Wipes - 6 pack (336 wipes) £8.39 on their website

These wipes are produced from materials sourced from sustainably managed forests and other controlled resources. They're made from entirely naturally derived fibres and the packaging is cleverly designed to dispense one wipe at a time, so as to minimise waste. The wipes also promise to maintain the skin's pH balance and be safe even for skin that is prone to eczema.

Mum and You Wipes

Kit & Kin Naturally Clean Baby Wipes - 60 wipes for £2.70 or buy in bundles and save on their website

This is a lovely new brand brought to us by Emma Bunton (yes, she of the Spice Girls!) whose son always suffered with eczema, which inspired her to start the brand. They only use natural, nourishing eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable materials. Their wipes contain zero petrochemicals, chlorine or harsh chemicals and they do not test on animals.

Kit and Kin wipes

Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature Natural Unscented Baby Wipes - 64 wipes for £2, Boots

A multiple Mother & Baby Gold Award-winner, with various other accolades to boot, their Unscented Baby Wipes are naturally fantastic through and through. Made from wood pulp, they’re biodegradable and compostable. There are zero nasties in these and they have worked with allergy organisations and paediatricians to ensure the safest formulation in these wipes.

Jackson Reece Natural Baby Wipes

Earth Friendly Baby Gentle Aloe Vera Wet Wipes - 4 pack bundle (288 wipes) for £11.98, Amazon

LOVE this brand - I used all the baby skin care on both my boys when they were wee and it's just really good and does exactly what it says. This award winning range now boasts wet wipes which are 100% biodegradeable, contain no nasties, are not tested on animals, free from artificial colour, fragrance or alcohol and have been dermatalogically tested.

Earth Friendly Baby

CannyMum Bamboo Luxurious Dry Wipes - 100 wipes £5.95, Amazon

For the really brave out there (in my opinion!) who fancy going the whole hog and being really eco-friendly, there are these genuis dry wipes. They are designed so that you make your own wet wipes at home! You can use pure water or knock up a herbal infusion if you so wish. The dry wipes are chemical free and made of 100% biodegradeable bamboo fibre and can actually be flushed too.

Canny Mum Dry Wipes

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