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Tips on how to cope with gestational diabetes

written by Alice Carter

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If you have just been diagnosed with, or if your struggling to manage your Gestational Diabeties, don’t panic, our resident writer Alice Carter has put together her top tips on how to cope.

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. If you are struggling with your diagnosis don't be afraid to ask for help - Go to your next clinic appointment and tell your team – they are there to support you and my god they know their stuff. They will do everything they can to get you through this.

• Get the carbs & cals book – and keep it with you when you go out because it has pictures of portion sizes which is really helpful in a café and takes the stress out of meals out, and meal prep at home for you and your partner. Carbs & Cals: Count your Carbs and Calories

Carbs and Cals

• Always keep a cooked roast chicken in the fridge – you will get hungry between snacks and meals and you can eat as much of this as you like!

• Never leave the house without your next meal - You don’t want to get caught out having to buy something and getting a spike.

Lunc on the go

• Never leave the house without your GD snacks.

• Drinks lots of water – you need to drink lots when your preggers anyway but it really helps with GD and managing your insulin levels.

• Get exercising in anyway you can, swimming, walking, yoga!

• DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP IF YOU HAVE A SPIKE – Sometimes things go wrong, the odd spike is not the end of the world (but that doesn’t mean you can go having a chocolate bar once a week!)

If you keep having spikes call your diabetes team immediately

• Read the packaging - I had a pasta dish once, weighed all the pasta, loaded it with spinage & meat but forgot to check the ingredients on the pasta sauce – low and behold a ton of sugar in it! Got me a reading of 12!!

• Get some little electric scales

• Don’t fear Metformin or insulin - They will help you and your baby, and I met plenty of GD ladies who had wonderful birth experiences despite being on the insulin sliding drip during labor.

• Get yourself some Montezumas 100% cocoa chocolate – at first it tastes a bit odd but once you loose your sugar taste it just tastes of chocolate and is amazing! This got me through the last few months of my pregnancy! I melted it and mixed in loads of crashed hazelnuts. Chilled blobs of it and I had little chocolate hazelnut chocolates as a treat!

Montezuma 100% Chocolate

• Educate your partner, and close family on what your diet is now – nothing worse than going to the inlaws for lunch and they have made something you cant eat! They want to help I promise.

• Always carry a bag of nuts – perfect snack! Be careful of some dry roasted varieties though as some have sugar on.

• Cook bulk meals and freeze them – you will have days where you’re tired and don’t want to cook, or haven’t managed to go shopping and to know there is a big yummy chillie in the freezer will save you!

Batch freezer cooking

Don't panic you will cope!

If you would like to learn more about Gestational Diabetes please click HERE to see Dr. Bella Smith's video which will tell you all you need to know about the illness from a medical point of view and Alice shares her personal experience here.

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