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Having a baby? Know someone who's pregnant? Do them a favour: watch this interview and then buy the book

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'Things I Wish I'd Known: Women Tell The Truth About Motherhood' is the brainchild of journalist Victoria Young, who realised that all the 'How to...' books she'd read had actually done nothing to prepare her for the birth of her son, and all that followed.

So she put together this collection of essays from 20 fantastic women, who tell it like it is. Contributors include some of Up All Hours' favourite writers, including Esther Walker, Lucy Porter and Bryony Gordon.

The Up All Hours team have bought about six zillion copies of this book already, and pressed it upon every pregnant person they meet. It is essential reading.

In this exclusive interview, Victoria explains why she felt compelled to create this book, and shares honest, personal details about her own experiences.

We particularly like her useful insights about breastfeeding and the 'breastapo'. As you'll hear, she ended up expressing all her son's milk for six months - which meant that she was expressing for one in every three hours!

This video is only five minutes long, but it's a must-watch for any parent who's ever felt imperfect or guilty. These words of Victoria's will give you a boost:

"There's a huge amount of pressure on women for motherhood to be perfect. Or - worse actually - for them to pretend that it is perfect!

"You're doing probably the hardest job you'll ever do in your life, for the first time, and you've got no experience or guidance. And you're under pressure to pretend everything's going brilliantly, which seems so doubly unfair."

You can watch the full interview with Victoria Young here in the Up All Hours Video section

'Things I Wish I'd Known: Women Tell The Truth About Motherhood', edited by Victoria Young, is available in hardback and on kindle.

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