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The night my son.........Slept through!

written by Danielle Parry

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Danielle has been Up All Hours for all the wrong reasons!

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We have all been there, that night that it actually looks like they are finally going to sleep through. Will they? Won't they? Will you finally get some sleep? The anticipation is too much and you find yourself having Your Most Sleepless Night!

Parenthood, lack of sleep....ain’t those two things a match made in heaven (hell), even before I was pregnant I knew that the long nights were the not so joyful side of being a mum to a sprog of your own.

So I have been a fully-fledged mum now for 10 solid months, so as I sit here flicking back through my memories to pick out a certain night to talk to you about, I am struggling to pin point the juiciest. Let me start off by saying, I like my sleep. Even though I am the ripe old age of 24 and technically an adult, in the bedtime department I am somewhat of a teenager. The sleepless nights started during pregnancy, the inability to get comfy, or lie on your front was a biggie for me. I treated myself to a memory foam mattress topper, but this did sweet F - all, in fact the only thing I found it useful for, was tearing bits off and chewing it (Pregnancy is a strange mistress and yes, I enjoyed the texture and flavour of the foam) Not one of my most graceful life points may I add.

SO, let's move onto my most sleepless night. I remember it well. It was in fact the first night my lad slept through. 6 weeks into his precious little life, my big man decided he wanted to drop his 4am bottle. What a dream you may think! In fact I was longing for this day.

When is he going to wake?

He had his milk at midnight, and went swiftly off to snooze-land, I however, did not. It was nearing the end of summer, and I was still in pain from the birth, let me tell you now, an emergency c - section and having your appendix removed within a few days of each other isn’t what it’s all about. I suffered from terrible night sweats from the antibiotics I was on. So there I was; tired, uncomfortable, probably scrolling through Instagram to pass the time. As the hours sneakily crept past, there was a glimmer of hope, the old eyes were starting to get heavy. HOO-F * CKING-RAY, but but but, it was also frighteningly close to feeding time. Ain’t that typical eh??? So, up out of bed I got, made myself a brew, and started preparing the bottle, which may I add is like a chemistry lesson am I right?? So many rules and regulations on how to prepare a bottle! Low and behold, you know what’s coming. The little bugger didn’t wake up. Nope, not a peep. I wasn’t prepared to wake him up either, I mean seriously?! Who would do such a thing? The next couple of hours were spent perched on the side of my bed watching, waiting, anticipating. It would be sods law that he would awaken the second I drifted off, right? 5am, 6am, 7am. Nothing.
The only thing I fed in those hours was my brain, making sure it was full of useless information; reading about 56,00 Wikipiedia pages, you know those sessions, where you start off on a band’s page and end up reading about cultures and characteristics of remote African tribes??

7.30am he awoke, blissfully unaware that his Mumma had not slept a wink. Ironically that was the first night he slept though. Let’s just keep it short and sweet by saying the following day was a god damn write off, let’s not even go there..

But bringing ourselves to current times I can look back and have a wee giggle. Oh those newborn days, all such a blur, wonderful in their own way but I do not miss them. I am ecstatic to share with you that my son is a CRACKING sleeper. No really, truly he is. 12 hours every night and a good solid 2-3 naps a day. When you’re a single parent, sometimes you need that li’l bit of extra time to get shit sorted and I am so grateful.However this does not mean I don’t remember those odd nights where my li’l cherub has in fact kept Mumma awake. But it’s all gravy, because I cannot WAIT for his teenage years when I can get the li’l fella back!

Just you wait 'til you're a teenager!

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