Hannah Chard

The look that says a thousand words

written by Hannah Chard

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There is so much I've learnt and continue to learn having become a mum at the beginning of this year. Too many to even list, where would I start?

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However there is one thing that I never predicted I would learn...a look.

This look, a powerful tool, recently hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Here I was coming out of a lift with my little girl happily chatting away to her toys in her pushchair. Another mum was right outside the doors. Her toddler screaming blue murder, kicking his feet in his pushchair, going red in the face and letting out screams – a - plenty.

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That's when It happened, the look. I looked at his mum in front of me and she looked back. The look to each other spoke a thousand words with not one being spoken, at all...

"Oh god, how embarrassing. Look at her daughter so happy and look at my son...ergh" "Why is he doing this now, in front of her?" "I don't even know why he is crying. Why can't he play with his toys like that little girl?" "She understands though, she knows what's it like" "It's ok, he's screaming now but he'll be fine in a minute, just like her little girl" "I'll forget this moment when he is giggling at me in a minute" "Thank you for that sympathy” Yes, one look said all of that and more.

This powerful tool can't be bought, nor is it the same look for every mum. We, as mums do it's inevitable, compare our children and we ourselves, are also so different. There is however, something we all have in common, we are all trying to bring up our children in this world, to be wonderful human beings. So, next time you see another mum who's little angel is doing their devil act or, in fact, the next time your own child is doing their own act...just wait.

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That look, from another mother, is there.

There to give you all the support you need in that moment.

There to say a thousand words, unspoken.

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