Spooky Spider Rice Cakes for Halloween

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Using finger foods to create fun plates is a great way to add fun to mealtimes for little ones, and these Organix spooky spider rice cakes are perfect for a scary Halloween tea party.

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So simple to make, just three tasty Organix Raspberry & Blueberry Rice Cakes for the body, a few blackberries – crushed for painting the spiders’ web and halved for the top of the body - and a few chopped grapes for the crawly legs. And good news - it’s a junk free Halloween treat!

Holly Bell, finalist in the Great British Bake Off, author of ‘Recipes from a Normal Mum’ and supporter of the Organix ‘Babies Who Lunch’ weaning campaign, says,

"My boys love a Halloween party with their pals and lots of deliciously spooky Halloween treats – and now baby Lawrence will be joining in the fun, with a little help from me!"

Being creative and playful with food is a great way to encourage little ones to explore and enjoy a whole world of exciting tastes, textures and shapes – and a simple way for parents to introduce variety and encourage self-feeding. In a recent Organix survey, mums rated making mealtimes fun for their child (76%) and allowing their child to play with and experiment with their food (75%) the top two things to encourage a positive attitude towards food.

Of course, it’s not just about trying something new. If your little one is being fussy about something they used to love, creating a fun design with it could help make it a favourite again!


  • 3 Organix raspberry and blueberry rice cakes
  • 4 blackberries
  • 3 black grapes

Makes three spiders and one spider’s web Not suitable for freezing Suitable from 7 months


  1. Crush 2 blackberries in a small bowl with the back of a fork, cut the other 2 blackberries in half.
  2. Use a clean paintbrush to paint a spider’s web with the juice on a white plate. Older children will love to help!
  3. Place 3 rice cakes on to the web, then add a half blackberry spider body on top of each rice cake.
  4. Slice each grape in half from top to bottom, then slice each half into 4 thin spider legs.
  5. Add the legs to your spiders, then eat them up before they scurry away!
Halloween Spiders

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