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Party Prep on a budget

written by Danielle Parry

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I am going all out for my big mans 1st birthday. I have been mentally planning this shindig since I was pregnant.

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Ive always dreamed of a festival themed wedding, but as that is probably never going to happen; I have implemented the same ideas for Gruffs birthday, add the fact he was born whilst Glastonbury was going on its just perfect!!!

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I will be doing a blog post and video montage of the day afterwards, but I thought I would do a quick summery of the plans so far and how its easily done quite cheap!

First of all, if youre planning a themed party, obviously you need a lot of inspiration. I spent many evenings on pinterest getting ideas together, along with firsthand experience of various music festivals. Most evenings I keep a notepad by my bed as im forever thinking of new bits to add.

It's all about the details

To me, memories are far more precious than “things” so by creating this party for him and our family & friends to experience and document I feel it is far more valuable for him to look back on than just a gift.

Here are some of the bits I have so far.

First up we have the wristbands and invites. I based the party on Festival No. 6, and thats where I pinched the design of the invites from. I simply created the design on the website “Pix teller” for free, and I had the invites printed from vista print as flyers.

They cost about £13 plus postage for 100 printed. Fab quality and arrived pretty sharpish.

The wristbands were £5 for 100 off ebay, you get to loosely design them too, and I thought these were a fab little touch to add with the invite.

The “VIP” lanyards are my personal favourite little touch. Again I used the pix teller website to design them. These flyers were from ebay, £3.00 for 50 and free next day delivery!

The lanyards were £3.00 for 20 on ebay, and the laminated pouches were £4.50 for 10 on ebay

I have about 20 all made up, for family members and who ever else wants one!


Another way I have saved money is by getting my creative cap on. I turned some old table legs which I salvaged from a pub garage into “signs”

The “main stage” sign was an old bit of plasterboard that has been in my shed for months

The bunting I have is another ebay gem £1.99 for 21 metres, trust me, I currently own enough bunting to go around the world.

These cake toppers were about £2.50 for 30 on ebay, Instead of getting fancy cupcakes, I am going to bulk buy some basic cheap ones, ice them myself and stick these on!

So yeah Im coming to the realization that nearly everything I have is off of ebay.

Flag - £2.50

Fake leaves - £5.00

Im also waiting for a shit load of cheap balloons, glitter, blow up instruments to arrive from china.


There will be a BBQ on the go, and Ive asked the guests to bring an item of BBQ food with them, I will just get some basics in to keep costs down.

Im going to make a massive pot of chilli and fajita mix instead of a buffet, as not only does it work out cheaper, easier, its bloody much nicer am I right?!

Im also going to make a mini pick and mix for kids & adults alike, Ive been picking up bits from B&M every time im up there.

Thats about it so far!! I am so excited, and I have literally spent months preparing for this, otherwise it would be impossible to afford! But Ive not spent too much so far. The most expensive buy was the HUGE gazebo, which was £60, but my grandad got that for me J

Ive been using the hashtag #FESTIVALNOGRUFF on Instagram for all my plans so far!


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