New Dads matter too, and it's ok to need some support

written by Siobhan Merrifield

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We all know that becoming a parent is a huge life changing event, not just for Mums, but for both new parents.

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Yet the emphasis for care after the birth is generally focused towards mums. This is understandable in some ways, as physically we do have the most challenging role, however becoming a new dad is also a new, often scary, daunting not to mention hugely challenging, time for the dads involved too.

It is a whole new territory for dad and often they won't have the time or space to speak about how they feel in among it all. Us mums often find support and reassurance from baby play dates, baby groups and our Health Visitors, men don't often have any interactions like this and it can be a really difficult time.

It's not just Mum's that need support

Many new parents take to it like a duck to water and all is happy and well. However for many others, this is simply not the case. We live in a high pressured, fast paced society with so many demands already, that adding a baby can put a huge strain on mums, dads and relationships in general.

Here at APNI we have supported women since 1979, but we now also aim to reach out and let Dads know they too can contact us for help support and advice.

A new baby brings a whole wealth of new responsibilities, this can be so overwhelming and such a big change for all new parents, however many men struggle without asking for help or speaking out about how they are feeling. (It takes a strong man to admit he needs help).

It is so important to ensure both mum and dad are doing Ok after the arrival of a new baby and it is also OK to need a bit of help and support to fulfill this enormous new role. Everything changes suddenly, often dramatically depending on the birth and this of course can bring new fears, worries and responsibilities. You are not alone! Many parents feel this way and there are so many services out there now who acknowledge this and offer varying levels of support to help parents cope at this time.

Dad's need support too

If you are a dad and struggling with any aspect of parenthood, the change in your relationship now there is a baby on board , or just overwhelmed by the new responsibilities that being a father create do know it is very common, perfectly normal and there is help available if you take the first step and reach out.

The good news is that this is something that will definitely get easier with time and experience and the better news is that we are here to offer any advice support or reassurance you may need. Or you can contact your G.P who can also help. So, if you are a new dad who is finding it tough, or struggling with the new demands and pressures, there IS support for you guys too.

Parenting is one of the biggest life changing events we face, but we do adapt and we find much joy from our children, but we are allowed to find it difficult and need some support during these times.

Becoming a parent can be one of the most challenging things we do

Dads! It is so important to be true to yourself and speak out if you are feeling like you could do with some support too. It won't be forever, but parenting in the initial few months or very early years can raise emotions and insecurities and accepting some support will do nothing but make you a better, happier parent/partner.

So do reach out if you can identify with this at all and contact us HERE

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