Katie Hale

Nanny Poppins to the rescue

written by Katie Hale

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Our first proper bout of illness as a family has struck! During November my social media posts and blogs were somewhat lacking and there was a very good reason for this. Our house had been bought down by a number of lurgies, which all seemed to run into each other. It was horrendous. I seriously felt like etching a big black 'X' on our front door.

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For four weeks we had colds, ear aches, tonsillitis, sinusitis and to top it all off a tummy bug. We were in a bad place, that is until Nanny Poppins arrived. My husband had already taken time off work to look after our son while I was horizontal but when he started to get a temperature I knew our ship was sinking fast.

This blog is written in complete admiration and appreciation for our mothers and for everything they do for us. On this occasion my mother in-law swooped in and nursed us all back to health in a way that only a Nanny can.

What is it about Grandmothers? They literally seem indestructible. They don't seem to get tired or ill and have a magical ability to make things easier and tolerable.

This is a huge thank you to Nanny Poppins, for taking such good care of us, I honestly don't know what we would've done without you.

What scared me most about this whole experience, is how easily I missed some obvious warning signs. The thing is, I think, wait scratch that,........... I know I made myself a whole lot worse with my 'just get on with it' attitude. Don't get me wrong as Mums and Dads we do have to 'just get on with it' the majority of the time. This thought process has got me through many a tired day and to be brutally honest childbirth. But when does this become harmful?

I started feeling ill on my birthday, but because it was my birthday and my husband had gone to loads of effort I took some paracetamol, downed a Berocca and 'just got on with it'.

My husband went to work the next day and for the following week I still didn't feel any better, in fact I was worse. So much so my husband had to take a couple of days off work to look after our son. He also went to the pharmacist for me who rightly prescribed some extra strength tablets, which immediately made me feel better. What I didn't realise was how much caffeine was them. I suddenly felt loads better, my temperature was down, I could get out of bed and even did a couple of loads of washing, YES!

Once I went through this pack I got some more from the pharmacist, who did warn me to go to my GP. But I replied, "its just a cold and my temperature has come down, I'm on the mend". There was no way I was wasting my GP's time with a cold. So on I went taking these tablets and getting on with stuff, as we all do.

It was only when these tablets stopped working and by sheer coincidence I was unlucky enough to get a tummy bug, did I finally fall and admit that I was properly ill. And my goodness I fell hard!

At this point my husband called for reinforcements and Nanny Poppins came to the rescue. Two days later I stopped throwing up but all my other symptoms came back with force. I was done!

I finally called our brilliant GP surgery and managed to get an appointment the same day, where I was immediately prescribed antibiotics for a serious sinus infection. Thankfully these worked a treat.

So where is the line? Did I wait too long?

It’s obvious to see now that I should've gone to my GP sooner. But with a small child, nursery, going back to work and the never-ending list of jobs to do I didn't seem to have time to go and I most certainly was not seeing a Doctor for a cold.

I've had the flu before, (which was horrific!) seriously if you're standing in front of me and say you have the flu, I can categorically tell you don't.

I think it’s this experience together with, a pressure to be there for my son and a lack of time which has meant that I power through coughs and colds. Now that I'm a mother I feel this even more. But this is such falsehood.

A lack of time is not an excuse, I can't be the best Mum I can be if I have a temperature and feel awful. Nanny Poppins lives three hours away from us, I'm aware how lucky I am to have her support.

So a message to you all: Look after yourselves. Don't leave it too long and get some advice, especially during this time of year. If you're not feeling better after a week or your symptoms get worse go to your pharmacist and then if need be your GP.

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