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This tiredness carry on. Oooof. It catches up with you after a while. You seem to muddle on with less and less sleep and then you hit a wall. Knucking Fackered. Then you me have a bit of a meltdown, sob down the phone to your mother/best friend/baby friend/husband, deservedly fit a much needed nana nap in somewhere, and then somehow muddle on again. Right up until the next sleep deprived meltdown.

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You feel like every person you meet or speak to have children that sleep 14 hours straight and have done so from 2 weeks old. You feel like people judge you because you refuse or can’t face letting your children cry it out or because you chose to co-sleep (you meaning me again if you hadn’t guessed)

Admittedly, please note, the cry it out/controlled crying/comforting or whatever you call it, does actually work. I know some of you won’t want to hear that. But it does. My eldest didn’t sleep until he was 12 months old, so I let him cry it out. It took 3 nights of pacing and shushing. But in 3 nights he slept. Just in time for my 2nd baby to be born. Blatantly should have done it sooner but I hadn’t hit ’that’ wall.

Now my second, well, he slept from 6 months, Winning! NOT. He got to 12 months and stopped sleeping and to be honest I think that’s worse! At least show a bit of consistency here. Either sleep through from the start or don’t. Don’t lull people into a false sense of security thinking they have this parenting carry on nailed. At one point, I would line the bottles up on the window sill on an evening in preparation of the nightshift. I didn’t look at him I would simply thrust a bottle in his direction. He, at one point, was handing up to 27oz through the night. Aye, he could sup. I even considered buying and tethering a cow in the front garden!

You do what works and you’ll do anything for a couple of hour’s undisturbed sleep. There is no shame or failure to that. Sleep deprivation is used as torture for a reason!

I think the hardest part of my tiredness is when I’m preggers. You are absolutely done in. Shagged. Knackered. Exhausted. Tired. Fatigued. Shattered. Worn out. Add babies that don’t or won’t sleep, a house to run, work and simply eating, breathing and living to the mix… I could actually bring myself to tears just remembering how hard it was. Then there’s the daily battle of washing, cooking, cleaning… God!!!!!

Now you, yes, you there, reading this item. Crying, nodding, yep, you there! You aren’t alone. Feel this big hug and as I wrap my virtual arms around you, sob my love. Let it out. It’s fucking horrible but rest assured it does and WILL get easier.

Tiredness man! Makes you do all kinds of crazy stuff, usually crying at the Dogs Trust adverts, the toilet seat being left up (AGAIN), the fact the salad has gone off or some bastard found and scoffed your secret stash of Cadburys.

So next time you see a mother (or father) in your local mall, high street or on the school run, wide eyed, looking slightly psychotic, close to tears, looking like they’ve not slept in a week….rather than judge them for growling at their children, tip them a wink and a smile, because if you’re a parent, you know fine well we’ve all been there. Publicly or otherwise. We’ve all hit ‘THAT’ wall at some point.

So let’s support one another at all hours in the varying states of exhaustion. We are #tiredcomrades who are undeniably #knuckingfackered and #upallhours

Knucking Fackered

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