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Mental wellbeing in kids: Go there first and they will follow

written by Amanda Gachot

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“You go first, no pls after you, no really I insist that you go first”. We all do this at times to be polite, insisting that somebody else can go first, whether we are playing a game, distributing food or having a conversation. Though when we are talking about the state of mind of our children, their mental health, we should always GO FIRST and show them the way. There’s no holding back here.

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How can we do this?

Let’s say that you would like to observe a different state in your child, perhaps you would like them to be more patient, better listeners, or just calmer in general. Take a moment, before you read on, and think about an example in your own child of what you would like them to do more (or less) of?

Now I would like to suggest to you, that life is often like a mirror, if we observe something that we dislike in others, often it is something that we also have and don’t like within ourselves. So be honest… If you observe impatience in your child, is it also within you? You believe your child never listens? Could this be also true of you?

The most impactful change that you can make in your children, is that of changing your own state first.


Whenever you want to induce a different state within your children, adopt this state first for yourself. Then they will follow, you will draw them in like a magnet. If it’s patience you would like to see in them, create the state of patience within yourself. Visualize yourself acting in a more patient way, what would your body language look like? How would you breathe? What might you say? What might others say around you? Build this image in your mind and put it into practice. Be the change that you would like to see in them. Perhaps there is somebody you know who has this quality. Why not model them, act as they do, take on this strategy. Ask them how they do it? Once you start living, breathing and practicing this new state, you will charge your energy/vibration. Like attracts like, this is the law of attraction, and you will affect the people around you.

So, if you want your kids to feel magnificent, go there first. How magnificent do you feel? What are you doing in your day, week to make yourself feel magnificent? If not much, do more. This is not a luxury, you owe it to your kids.

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