Let's Talk Gin - what are we all drinking?

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We at Up All Hours all thoroughly enjoy a drop of the old 'mother's ruin' so have put together our top gin recommendations for you lovely lot, to help you celebrate what was world Gin day on the 9th June. And every weekend!

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So, what constitutes the perfect G n T for you? Are you classic - ice and a slice? Do you prefer something a bit more floral? Or are you a fan of a more fruity little number? Equally important - do you serve it in a fish bowl style glass or a tumbler?

There are so many different gins on the market right now, with it having somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years and becoming trendy again. As ever, we're here to assist and have compiled a list of our favourite gins and how we like to serve them.

Sam recommends:

Gin - My gin recommendations were hard to slim down. I have a number of favourites and in my great old age I must say that I am becoming much more adventurous and dare I say it, snobby, with my choices.

I feel that I work too hard to not REALLY enjoy my gin at the end of the day, so I try not to deterred by the cost!

So my current is Pink Pepper Gin. It is simply delicious and currently £36 at Waitrose.

Pink Pepper Gin

Tonic - On the tonic front, I am a Fever Tree fan but on a daily basis I would gravitate towards a Schweppes Slim Line. No calories and it lets the gin do the talking.

Glass - And whilst we are really getting into the thick of it, lets talk about what type of glass one should be enjoying their gin in. For me, I love a big round glass. A fishbowl if you will. I feel that you get more bang for your buck, which of course isn't the case as a single shot is a single shot regardless of glass size but with more ice, it feels like a bigger drink and that it lasts that little bit longer.

Other gins of choice - Old Tom Bathtub Gin and M&S Rose Gin.

Aly recommends:

My gin drinking has increased dramatically since working full time! I am so knackered all the time that if I drink wine when I get home, I fall asleep but I find with gin I manage to stay awake, which is a bonus. I am not a risk taker when it comes to gin as I worry about spending £20 odd quid on something that I'll turn out not to like, so I tend to stick to what I know, unless I am out and can try something new without having to buy a full bottle. Either that or I do as I'm told and drink whatever the Old Lush, I mean, Sam, tells me to!

I feel that I work too hard to not REALLY enjoy my gin at the end of the day, so I try not to be deterred by the cost!

Gin - Martin Miller's Gin. Bloody lovely gin, they only use water from Iceland and marketing bollocks aside, it really does make a difference as it is much smoother than other gin and doesn't have that bitter London water taste about it! I am also a sucker for an advertising campaign and i like the shape of the bottle - there i said it!

Martin Millers Gin

Tonic - Like Sam I am a Fever Tree fan. Unlike her, I won't drink anything else!

Glass - I HATE a big round glass. We are not fish - we do not need fishbowls. I like a traditional tumbler, 3 cubes of ice and a slice of lime and I am a happy girl!

Other gins of choice - Sam put me onto Old Tom Bathtub Gin which I love and I also love Harris Gin, but it is quite pricey so I save that for when I am not going to get smashed and can remember how lovely it is the next day!

Cat recommends:

Gin - Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin - the husband brought me back a bottle from a business trip to Spain and it is lush! I guarantee you've never tasted a gin like this one before, as it's grape-based, rather than grain-based like your usual gin. It has 12 botanicals including liquorice and hibiscus, so it is on the floral side of things, but has a really distinctive taste that isn't overly flowery.

Nordes Gin

Tonic - I do love Fever Tree, like all my fellow gin snobs, however Schweppes have an amazing new range of tonics that I am really in to. With Nordes, I like to guzzle it with Schweppes 1783 Salty Lemon tonic, ice and lemon - keep it simple on the mixers front as the gin is quite full on.

Glass - The ony vessel fitting of such a delightful bevvie, in my opinion, is a balloon style wine glass, which also happens to be the Spanish way of serving gin (plus you need as big a glass as possible!). The only problem with this gin is that it is so flipping drinkable!

And thankfully it's now available in the UK on Amazon for £30.

Also worth a mention is Aldi Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin if you're looking for a totally tasty and affordable tipple (it's only £9.99!)

Whatever you're drinking to celebrate World Gin Day, enjoy and drink responsibly (mainly because you'll be up at the crack of dawn the next day with the kids!)

We'd love to hear from you with any of your recommendations too, as we all strive to create the perfect gin and tonic.

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