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"Is my baby ok until my milk comes in?" - Your breastfeeding questions answered.

written by Sharon George

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As Mum’s ourselves we know what an intimidating prospect feeding your baby can be. Whether you opt for breastfeeding as Sam did or if you can’t, like Aly the chances are you will attempt breast-feeding at some stage of motherhood.

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So, we decided to draw up a list of all the questions we had when it came to breast feeding and put them to Sharon George from the London Lactation consultants so that we could ensure that you had the best advice possible in an easy to digest format. We are not saying ‘Breast Is Best’, what we are saying is that if you have any questions about breast feeding we hope our breast feeding series might help you to answer them.

In the third installment from our breastfeeding series, Sharon answers “Is my baby ok until my milk comes in, won't they get de-hydrated?”

Is my baby ok until my milk comes in, won't they get de-hydrated?


We’ve been making milk for our babies in this way for millennia. Our colostrum is an amazing product.

Scientists are still discovering new amazing things about the things it does for our new babies. It is jam-packed with antibodies and other immune factors that are vital to new babies, for example.

It also has a laxative effect to help babies pass their first ever poo (called meconium).

It is made in small quantities to match the size of our newborn baby tummies and to help give babies’ new digestive systems a gentle introduction to their new world.

Colostrum gradually increases in volume over the first couple of days and then transitions to mature milk after that.


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