I've been Up All Hours with you and now i'm reminiscing

written by Miranda

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Parenting is a series of milestones and here Miranda talks about reaching a very prominent one as she waves her son off to Secondary school - tissues at the ready!

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I was up all hours with you. And now in retrospect I am so grateful for all our awake time together. I was on my knees at the time but we had some great moments.... Watching Baby Einstein in the early hours and hearing your gurgling laugh ringing out in the stillness of the night.

The DVD was on loop and each time that train came out of the tunnel you laughed as if it was the first time you'd seen it. The nights where you would sleep until the early hours, then be wide awake, in our bed with a bottle of milk pointing at the planes. "Plane, mummy plane, plane, mummy, plane" repeat x 100. Dad and I would smile at each other, with our 1000 yard stare of tiredness, that all parents of young children seem to have. Your endless requests to know what number came after 20 would always be met with "sleep, sleep comes after twenty", from me.

Now we are in the last term of Primary School. We walked to school every day in every weather until you decided to branch your wings and walk with your friends. I have watched your legs change from chubby, gambolling limbs to long, muscular legs. We walked in rain, snow and sun. I will cherish these memories. I think I'm being a little annoying to you at the moment and for that I can only apologise. I keep grabbing you for hugs and kisses, before the inevitable "get off me Mum" comes next term, as you embark on the next chapter of your life.

My beautiful boy

The uniform has been bought, the forms filled out and off I will send you, into your new world. A world full of more homework, friends and sport. And a world full of new experiences and dangers that I won't necessarily know about, as teenagers become more private.

To be honest I am scared. And I am feeling very nostalgic of our time together. For three and a half years before the arrival of your sister, it was just you and me. Dad was working so hard and we were in a little bubble together. Lunches and walks in the London parks. London was so lonely for me, being the first of my friends to have children. I didn't know anyone so it was just you and me. How lucky I was to have spent so much time raising you. I have had so many compliments about you from your teachers as your prepare to leave. They all say what a mature and kind young man you have become. All things I already knew, proud face

So, sweet Will, I'm sorry when I cry at your leavers assembly and I'm sorry when I blub at the final school play. It's the end of an era but the beginning of something new, something exciting.
It will cement the making of you and of the man you will one day become.

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