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Having fun at Halloween in spite of a food allergy

written by Ellie Lux & Fiona Heggie

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Halloween is great fun and our kids love knocking on doors ‘trick or treating’ but as they have food allergies, we have to be a little bit more careful about making sure they don’t end up eating something they shouldn’t.

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Non-food items are popular for our families at Halloween. When trick or treating we have found that inevitably our children are offered things they can’t have because of their allergies. If chocolates or biscuits or items with nuts are being offered, we swap them for something from our stash of safe treats instead. These include non-food items like keyrings , bubbles, pencils or other small toys similar to those you’d find in party bags.

We’d also suggest dissuading your children from eating their sweets as they go round knocking on doors unless you’ve had a chance to check the labels. We also discourage our children from dipping their hands into sacks or bags they can’t see into as there could be allergens lurking within.

It’s also better to choose sweets or lollies in wrappers so you know they won’t have come into contact with allergens.

If you’re careful and take a couple of sensible precautions we see no reason why a child with food allergies can’t join in with the Halloween fun. As always with a food allergic child, carry all medication with you at all times.

Alternative 'Trick or Treat' treats

Happy Halloween!

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