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Halloween. The children love it. The adults perhaps not soo much! You may find yourself hosting some sort of Halloween related party for a number of excitable children. If this is the case, fear not, we have some simple but very effect party game ideas for you.

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Apple Bobbing

  • Fill a bowl with water and add some apples to the water
  • Then get each child to take it in turns to see if they can get an apple out of the bowl using only their teeth!
And they are healthy!

Spooky Dress Chocolate

  • Get a family size bar of chocolate.
  • Get various items of ghoulish fancy dress e.g. Ware Wolf Hands, a Halloween Mask, a Witches Hat.
  • Get a knife and fork.
  • Get the children to sit in a circle and place all of the above in the middle of the circle.
  • Give one of the children a dice and one by one the children throw the dice until someone gets a 6.
  • When they do they run to the middle of the circle where the chocolate is, put on the fancy dress items one item at a time and then, using the knife and fork, they try and cut some chocolate to eat before the next person rolls a 6 and so on.

The Doughnut Of Destiny

  • Buy one ring doughnut per child
  • Tie string around each ring doughnut and hang them at mouth height for the children.
  • Once you shout “Go” the children munch the doughnut with their hands behind their backs and the one to finish first is the winner

You’re Not My Mummy!

  • Divide the children into equal teams and assign an adult to each.
  • Give each team 4 x loo rolls.
  • When you shout “Go” each team needs to wrap their adult up in the loo roll.
  • The one who finishes first is the winner and there is a second prize for the best wrapped Mummy!
Sheet ghosts, the next best thing!

No Guts, No Glory!

  • Fill bowls with jelly or slimy spaghetti.
  • Inside hide little wrapped sweets and the children have to delve around in the ‘Guts’ to find the ‘Glory’!
Imagine this but with fake blood!

The Goulish Lace Race

  • Get some red shoe lace sweets.
  • Tie four laces together so there are four arms and a big knot in the middle
  • Partner the children off in groups of four and get them to stand with one of the ends of the shoe lace in each of their mouths with their hands behind their back.
  • When you shout “Go” each child munches, without using their hands, to the middle and whoever eats the central knot first is the winner!

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