Jenny Stephenson

From Infants to teens – 3 sleep tips worth remembering

written by Jenny Stephenson

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Good sleep habits are essential throughout our lives, here Jenny from Happy Sleepers, gives us 3 sleep tips that apply from infants to teenagers, and beyond.

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1.Promote a healthy relationship with sleep

As parents we influence our children’s feelings about sleep through our words, tone of voice and own sleep habits. Think of sleep as a family priority and something wonderful that we get to do. Talk about sleep, how clever it is and why people need to sleep and chose some picture books to help aid the discussion.

This is something your child will carry with them throughout their life.


2.Create a bedtime routine and stick to it.

Consistency and routine go a long way and are all the more important if you child has difficulties with sleep. Having a predictable, calm and familiar routine helps children to feel safe and have an expectation that they are moving towards bedtime and sleep. Keep the same sequence of events that sign post what is going to happen next.

Sign posts for sleep

3.Step back and reflect on your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

They can be very powerful in influencing our children’s sleep and changing these can help to bring about a shift in your child’s sleep behaviour. This might include exploring your beliefs about thoughts about infant crying, separation at bedtime, attachment issues and how these are impacting on your feelings and behaviour. Take time to consider your own emotional stage and needs and take some small steps towards improving your own well-being and fatigue if needed.

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