Feeling a bit down? It's good to know you are not alone

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The excited expectation that many parents feel when preparing for a baby, can all too often, disappear following the arrival of the newest addition to the family. Sometimes this is due to the after affects of having a traumatic birth or, a bout of the Baby Blues (1) and for some this develops further into Post Natal Depression (2).

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New research, released today by The Baby Show, reveals that in a study of 1,000 mums 44% admitted to feeling isolated once they’d given birth, up to 60% said that they had suffered a form of the baby blues and up to 23% of respondents, said that they had experienced postnatal depression.

It is a comfort that mental health issues are far more openly discussed today than they once were but it is a worry that far too many women suffer in silence believing they are alone, isolated and in the minority.

Set up in 1979 by Clare Delpech, the Association for Post Natal Illness is a charity dedicated to ensuring that no new mother suffers in silence. Monday to Friday from 10am – 2pm their wonderful staff, man the phones enabling mothers to talk about their worries, share their experience and gain support through admitting they are struggling and hearing that they are not alone.

The tag line for Up All Hours, as you will all be familiar with is, “It’s good to know you are not alone” and no place is this sentiment more vital that for women suffering with post natal illness, Up All Hours stands shoulder to shoulder with APNI in their wonderful work and through working together we hope that can ensure that all parents, in whatever parenting challenges they face, are safe in the knowledge that they are never alone.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from any form of Postnatal Illness please direct them to www.apni.org and keep an eye out for expert advice on the subject in our “Experts page” and through the writings of one of APNI’s wonderful staff Sioban, who will be writing as one of our “Imperfect Parents”.

(1) The Baby Blues is a short period of feeling low, emotional and anxious that begins very shortly after a baby’s birth. It is a result of natural hormonal changes after giving birth and can last up to 10 days or even longer

(2)Postnatal Depression is a much deeper and longer form of depression that usually develops within six weeks of giving birth but can take many months to surface. It can come on gradually or all of a sudden and can range from being relatively mild to very severe.

The Baby Show Survey 2015 was undertaken in August 2015 and was answered by 1,000 mums on The Baby Show database

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