Autism - I wouldn’t change my lovely little dino-boy for anything

written by Kate Macpherson

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The day that H was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism was one that will never leave me.

All at once the world caved in, and I knew that life wasn’t ever really ever going to be quite the same.

The guilt, and pain I felt - that I had brought him into this world and he wasn’t 'normal' - was the hardest thing to deal with. We had made him like this, it was our fault.

But at the same time, relief that he had been given a diagnosis and fitted into a box, so now I could start to look at how to get through life, on a daily basis.

If I’m honest, I always knew from about six months old that there was something not quite right with H, but I never knew quite what it was. As time went on various things started ringing alarm bells:

  • No eye contact
  • Couldn’t ever sit still
  • Nightmare eater
  • Odd outbursts when we were out in public
  • Obsession with dinosaurs

The list goes on!

I had never met any autistic children before so I felt completely alone in how to deal with the situation. Luckily I told a few close friends, who put me in touch with other mums who had been through and continue the journey that I have just embarked on, which gave me enormous strength.

Now nearly one month after the diagnosis, I accept that my little boy doesn’t fit in the 'normal' box, and I’m okay with that.

Life is just a little different and a bit more challenging, compared with other people's, but I wouldn’t change my lovely little dino-boy for anything.

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