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Announcing pregnancy in your 30's

written by KP

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*Elated, thrilled, over the moon, Mum to be Kat found announcing her pregnancy harder than see thought it would be.

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I'll get straight to the point.... We're pregnant!

I’m not sure about anyone else but I found announcing our amazing news a really hard thing to do, and here’s why.

We're at a life stage where the majority of our friends have babies on their radar for one reason or another; the couple who've been trying for six years, the ones who know they can't, couples who've had prem babies, couples who have lost babies, couples who have lost parts of their bodies who pray it won't hinder their chances. Couples who disagree whether to have children, couples who are in early stages of trying, couples who are mass producing quicker than they even wanted to! Singles who are searching for their couple, singles who are adopting, and both singles and couples who quite honestly couldn't care less!

My husband and I have always been very casual when other people asked us about our baby intentions because personally if I was to tell everyone we were trying it would’ve put pressure on the bonking, and after loosing a little egg early on, we wanted to keep some things to ourselves. No one ever knows what goes on behind closed doors and perhaps I was sensitive to so many of our friends who are also trying, because as soon as we found out I also felt guilty that we were lucky to fall pregnant so quickly.

With extreme happiness came extreme worry as I spent the first 12 weeks in hospital on a drip with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Anyone who’s had any form of morning sickness will understand when I say, that no matter how elated I was at being pregnant, they were the hardest few weeks of my life – and our relationship – and I’ve written about my experience HERE.

As if pregnancy and Hyperemesis wasn’t enough we also decided to move back to the UK (from Australia) to have Baby Pinner, and wanted to celebrate all of our news face-to-face with our friends and family - a rare thing when we live overseas!

Therefore we made a video, with the talented Music by Kate & Dave – who sang at our wedding – recording a mash up of songs which all had a special meaning to us. For us a video of our little journey felt personal, memorable and respectful to those we know who are also trying - and it meant I had something happy to focus on rather than the sickness.

We made use of a holiday back to the UK when I was 12 weeks, and seeing the genuine joy and excitement on everyone's faces was amazing.

Best of all for the first time in three months I absolutely loved being pregnant. I felt all the feelings I thought I should’ve felt from the beginning; I was giddy and proud and excited and more importantly totally in love with the man who had stood by me through the vomiting months we'd gone through.

We're pregnant! And I can’t wait to share our journey with you…

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