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All hail the stay- at- home- Mum...

written by Judith

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There is a lot of parent bashing that goes on now-a-days but here, Judith recognises each of the parenting 'tribes' for their own individual awesomeness! See us parents rock!

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All Hail the Stay-at-Home Mum,

The worker bee that gets things done,

Who gives up her time, assists teaching for free,

And triumphantly coaches, when it can’t be me.

Stay at home mum

A righteous high-five to the split-shift mum,

With housework a hobby, rarely sits on her bum.

To relieve inner worry of bad mum guilt shit

Will bake until midnight to have done her wee bit.

Big thumbs up to the hands on dad,

Who could easy shirk out, instead lends a hand,

To cart heavy goods or marshal the road,

And support crucial learning of the Green Cross Code.

Let’s not forget the Working Week Dad,

Who taxis 'til late from football to band,

And spends his dosh on Spring Fayre Fodder

To ensure the kids have outdoor clobber

Go Dads

Pats on the backs to the Committee Reliables

Who give up their evenings with caffeine shot eyeballs

And work so hard to help raise the funds

To buy extra kit for our little loved ones.

All hail the PTA

Thanks to those who’ve done it before,

Kids can be monsters, they know the score,

Always at hand with a kind tale of woe,

To help lift the spirits when morale is low.

And, to the teachers, where would we be,

Without your guidance, sown positively.

Fountains of knowledge for your wee eager pupils

How proud you must be when they fly off to Big Schools.

Thank you teachers

So go on yersel’ to the Primary School mafia,

I really must tip my scruffy hat aff tae ye,

You are our Homies, You are our Crew,

Raising these kids would be shit without you.

Us parents need to stick together

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