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All Change!

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It’s been an absolute age since I last wrote something for Up All Hours and pretty much everything has changed since I put virtual pen to virtual paper.

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I think my most recent post – if you can call it recent! – was bemoaning the lot of a working parent. Back then, I was enduring the worst job I’ve ever had, standing all the way to and from work as there weren’t enough seats on the train and paying a premium for the dubious privilege.

I hardly saw my wife and two kids as I often had to do unpaid overtime and was stressed, exhausted and miserable. Enough of the negatives though – this is intended to be an upbeat blog post! I’m now a proud father of three and my own boss too.


I decided to quit my job in the summer. I was on a 12-month contract but, oblivious to my seething contempt for them, my employers wanted to keep me on for another year. I’d been close to getting up from my desk, telling my boss to Foxtrot Oscar and walking out several times, but somehow managed to see out my contract and leave with my head held high. It was a big gamble for me as the only earner, but I don’t regret it for a moment.

Since then, I’ve been writing for all kinds of interesting people from the comfort of my own home – ask me anything you like about glamping, hypnotherapy, international development or childcare! – doing school runs and not having any anxiety dreams for a whole six months! It’s been wonderful.

Writing from home

Things are going well; despite February traditionally being a bit rubbish I’ve had my most successful month as a freelancer to date. Sure, I’m earning about a third of what I was, but I’m happy again and keeping our heads are above water and that’s all that matters.

I’ve been saving the best bit of news for last though. Around a month before Christmas, we welcomed our third child, Amelie. Despite a dramatic operating theatre arrival that was a far cry from the chilled-out home birth we had planned, all is well and she’s a beautiful, happy baby girl who we absolutely adore. Our family is now complete and I feel very lucky to be spending more time with everyone again.

I guess the point of this – other than to explain my ridiculous tardiness – is to say that if you’re reading this and in a similar situation to the one I was in, hang on in there. You can turn things around and will be happy again.

If you’re thinking about taking a leap of faith and changing something for the sake of your family, do it! You may be poorer financially, but you’ll be richer in so many more important ways.

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