A great addition to the bath: InfaCare Baby Bath and Night Time Baby Bath

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We all know the advantages of a good bath and bed routine so we've given a little shout out to InfaCare who recommend their new bath time bubbles and tell us how their Infacare Night time baby bubble bath can be a great aid for sleep.

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InfaCare's bubbly bath time treats are formulated especially for baby’s skin; both the original ‘Infacare Baby Bath’ and the Infacare Night time baby bubble bath are ultra-mild and pH balanced with masses of long-lasting bubbles, making them very popular with parents and little ones!

A baby’s skin is ten times more delicate than adult skin so InfaCare is formulated to be as natural and gentle as possible. Recommended by hospital midwives and healthcare professionals, the Infacare bubble baths have been clinically tested and developed to promote natural levels of acidity and alkalinity in skin and hair. 

Infacare Baby Bubble Bath

Reassuringly, each is designed to prevent irritation, and mums say it helps with allergies. Recently launched, Night Time Baby Bath is fast becoming a favourite with mums across the country; with up to 70% describing it as ‘ideal’ for their bedtime routine.  

You don’t need to use much of either the Infacare Baby Bath or the Infacare Night Time Baby Bath to produce masses of long- lasting bubbles, perfect for little ones to have fun with and the gentle, powdery fragrance helps to relax, easing tots first into bed and then off to sleep.

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