5 Ways To Have Your Own Festival - HOME FEST!!

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Kids don’t care where they camp as long as they camp! It doesn’t have to be in a field in the middle of nowhere in the mud, oh no! Put the tent in the garden, string up some fairy lights and get the BBQ out and before you know it you have the full festival camping experience in your own back garden! The added bonus? When it rains, you just run into the comfort of your fully waterproof house complete with flushing toilet and a warm shower – win / win!

Camping in the garden


So, we are all with Jamie O and his healthy eating ethos but I think even he would agree healthy meals are not top of the priority list at a festival so, at your ‘Family Home Fest’ give healthy eating the weekend off. Get baked beans warming up on the BBQ along with some sausages and the obligatory marshmallows. You can even do some pre-fest prep! Why not make some chocolate banana loliypops? This will keep the kids entertained while you plug into the Glasto coverage on your Ipad (another advantage, the Wi–fi stretches to the garden!)


Now this is where the ‘Family Home Fest’ could fall down, but NO! The way around the lack of a live performer is:

  • Get on the Ipad and again seek out some golden Glasto moments to give you the festival vibe.


  • better still, crack open the Karaoke machine and get various family members to imitate some of the greats; what could possibly go wrong?!


Now this is where you are going to see some major savings! Gone are the 452 rides on the helter-skelter at £2 a pop, gone are the endless q’s for Mr. Tumble. Instead? Check out our Top Summer games to play in the garden and when you have run them ragged save yourself the £5k appearance fee from Justin and whack on Mr. Tumble on the Ipad – winner!

Healthy eating can have a night off!


Then when the kids are all festivalled out, draft in the grandparents, crack open the beers, get your headphones on, put on Glasto on your phones and rock out like you are there. You have the sights, you have the sounds, you are not paying £10 a pint and in the morning you can fold up your tent and put it back in the shed and be back on your sofa with a hangover and happy kids all in about 10 mins – the winning festival weekend!

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