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2 Birds 1 Stone exercise at home: Circuit One

written by Kate Manning

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Time is precious as a parent, so finding time to escape for a run or to 'nip' to the gym isn't always possible. PT Kate is on hand with 2 Birds 1 Stone exercise at home: Circuit One.

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You’ll need a little bit of space but not too much so your lounge should be fine or if the weather is good, get outside and get some fresh air.

This circuit will take you about 25-30 mins, maybe slightly longer when you first start!


Begin with 3 x spinal rolls Knees soft, tuck your chin into your chest and roll down very slowly one vertebrae at a time. Take 5 deep inhale/exhales, relaxing further into the stretch at the back of the legs, as you do inhaling very slowly as you come up one vertebrae at a time.

20 x alternate leg lunges with an upper body rotation over the bent knee. Make sure there is 90 ° between the front and the back leg.

5 x low impact burpees Start standing tall. Crouch down to place hands in front of your feet Step or jump your feet back Hold the tall plank for a breath Jump or bring both feet back in Stand tall raising both arms as you stand up


20 x mountain climbers (bringing alternate knee into chest) In a tall plank position, on hands with feet outstretched, jump alternate legs in towards your hands.

20 x squats Body weight in your heels, as if you’re going down to sit on a chair and then back up!

20 x single leg lunges (10 on each side) Staying on the same side, take a step forward so that when you bend into a lunge there is 90 °at the front and the back of each leg.

10 x side lunges on each side Taking a step to the side, make sure all joints are aligned before bending the leg you stepped out with to touch the floor by your toe.

10 x wide arm press ups Come down onto your knees. Arms wider than shoulder width apart, bend your arms so your elbows track out in line with your shoulders. Make sure you keep you spine as straight as possible by looking slightly further in front of you rather, than straight down at the ground.

10 x narrow arm press ups Stay on your knees, arms come to underneath your shoulders Elbows tracking towards the back of your body slowly lower your body down towards the ground then back up again.

Plank x 30 seconds Pressing up through your elbows on the floor, extend both feet out to the back so your whole body is outstretched. Press lightly through your toes Pull up through your thighs and engage your core. Hold for 30 seconds. If you feel any sharp pain in your lower back, drop to your knees.

Back extension x 10 Lie on your stomach with both arms outstretched forward, with your forehead on the floor. Lift and stretch opposite arm and leg towards either sides of the room. Length is more important than height. You should feel this in your lower back

Repeat whole circuit 2 more times


Spend 5 minutes stretching after.

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip flexor
  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Finish with 3 x Spinal rolls
General Stretches

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