10 Things They Would Rather Play With

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We spend a fortune on toys for our children and our homes look like we’ve raided the local Toys R Us. Every Christmas and birthday brings another mountain of toys with it. Like it or not, our kids are thoroughly spoiled when it comes to the amount of toys they have.

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And yet, it feels like they’d rather play with the strangest everyday objects instead. Here’s ten of the most popular things they would rather play with..

1. Labels

Before X was born, I cut the labels off all his cuddly toys. I thought they would be a hazard. Then, my mum bought him Huggy Bear and handed him over before I had a chance to find the scissors. X spent hours just running the silky label between his fingers. All his baby friends are the same. Ribbons work just as well, it seems. As do those loops on clothing, the ones that are meant to hold them on the clothes hanger.

2. Wet wipe packets

My friend, Lucy, has a theory, that wet wipes packets are a familiar sound from early in life, which is why babies love the noise so much. They also love to scrunch them, shake them and open them. Oh, yeah, and they like to pull all the wipes out, tear them up and try to eat them, or is that just my child?!

3. Socks

Can’t keep them on their feet, but they love them nonetheless. I don’t mind X playing with his socks, but when he starts chewing them, I have to put a stop to it. Nobody likes soggy socks.

4. Boxes

Do you remember the McDonalds Happy Meal advert from a few years back, with all the kids playing in boxes? It was so brilliant because we all remember doing it as children. Now, it’s our children’s turn. A box and an imagination, what else does a child need?

5. Fridge magnets

My parents used to have a fridge covered in magnets. Now, the ‘good’ ones are attached to the boiler in the kitchen cupboard, and the ones left in the kitchen are either old or unbreakable. My niece loved the fridge magnets and spent many a visit rearranging them. When my nephew came along, he found pleasure in removing the magnets, bringing them to his parents and grandparents, then taking them back one by one to replace on the fridge. X discovered them on his last visit, he mostly just removes them all and leaves them on the floor.

6. Remote controls

If you don’t know where the TV remote is, ask your toddler. X’s obsession with pushing all the buttons, waving it like he’s conducting an orchestra and ramming it under the sofa is inexplicable. In general, the telly isn’t on during the day (unless he switches it on) and even when it is, he shows little interest in it. The television itself isn’t the source of interest.

7. Your phone

Similar to remote controls, but with a light up screen. My 1 year old son is more proficient with a touch screen than my mother! The fact that whenever said screen does light up, he’s presented with a photo of himself, is one reason he loves it so much. The other, apparently, is that it’s good for beating up all his other toys. My poor phone is so battered and dented, I don’t think it’s going to survive much longer. At least he hasn’t thrown it in the toilet. Yet.

8. Coasters

You think they’re for resting drinks on to prevent rings on the coffee table. You’re wrong, just ask a toddler. Clap two together and you make an excellent noise. You can wave them like fans, slide them across the floor and beat them up with a smartphone. The possibilities are endless.

9. Paper tissues

Aside from the fact that they come in a box, which is a fascination in itself, they’re fun to tear. Pull them all out the box, dance around in them and try to eat them. DO NOT try to wipe a toddler’s nose with them. That’s not what they’re for and you’ll be rewarded with foot stamping.

10. Dials, knobs and buttons… all of them

It doesn’t matter if they’re on the TV, stereo, washing machine, tumble dryer or cooker, if you can push it or turn it, your toddler will do just that. No longer content with watching the clothes tumble around in the washing machine, X now prefers to jab the power button and twist the temperature dial. If I accidentally boil wash the laundry, I know exactly who to blame.

What objects would your baby or toddler rather play with?

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