10 Festival survival gadgets!

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Now we don't mean to tempt fate but the sun is finally making an appearance, and just in time for festival season! With our love of making festivals as easy for you parents as possible, we thought we would highlight a couple of useful festival survival gadgets.

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1. Le Big Sac £44.99 from The Fowndry With all the mud and discomfort that can result from camping with the kids this portable sofa is a must for all the family's comfort! It fills up with just two scoops of air, weighs just 1.35kg, has a drinks holder and can be tethered to the ground, so won’t blow away. Sun, rain, mud or sunbathing relax in style.

Le Big Sac

2. i70 Aiptek Mobile Cinema £290 from Amazon This pocket sized projector casts screen up to 200cm direct from your mobile and has a built in speaker. Perfect to stream night time films for the kids, after a long day, whilst fitting perfectly into your hand.

Aiptek Mobile Cinema

3. Corkcicle Air £19.99 from Root 7 Just when you thought the possibility of a chilled glass of wine was a distant dream when camping, this clever aerator brings balance to your wine whist chilling it at the same time, just pop in the bottle and pour away. Allowing you to deal with all the mud has to throw at you!

Corkcicle Air

4. Besiter Eclipse Charger £9.99 from Kavson A pocket charger than will recharge your phone up to 5 times before needing recharging. This means that Pepper Pig can keep them happy while you party on and it comes complete with a torch that will help you and the kids find your tent in the dark.

Besiter Eclipse Charger

5. Scrubba Washing Machine £37.99 from The Fowndry The mud can cause major clothing issues when at a festival especially when it comes to Kids as they are unable to keep themselves clean at the best of times let alone when surrounded by the biggest muddy puddle imaginable! So, pack light with this 145g portable washing machine that will save you space and keep the kids in clothes for the duration of the festival.

Scrubba Washing Machine

6. SitPack Compact Foldable Seat £49.99 from The Fowndry Save your back, your bum and keep clean with this ingenious gadget, this foldable seat collapses to the size of a 500ml water bottle and will pop out so you can sit in style whenever you want.


7. Canteen £17.99 from Root 7 This is great for the obvious once you leave the comfort of the family camping field at a festival i.e. a hot drink or a much needed cold one. It does however have another great use which is that you can fill it with Milk of expressed milk and it will keep it warm for 12 hours, or cold for 25 hours meaning you don't have to return to the tent for a feed during the day.


8. Portable Notebook BBQ Grill, £24.99, Firebox.com This is ideal for festivals, camping trips and any garden soiree where space is tight, this robust grill is crafted in pressed-steel yet it's light enough to take almost anywhere. Simply unfold, fill with charcoal and light.

Notebook BBQ

9. WonderBag, £45, Amazon The Wonderbag has to be one of the cleverest little bags ever invented. It allows food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking whilst in the bag, wherever you are and without the use of any additional energy. Filled with recycled foam, the Wonderbag is completely reversible. It weighs around 1kg, so is easy to transport around and is machine washable on cold, for any spills.


10. Nokia 105, £18, Prepaymania.co.uk We have all been there you manage to persuade the other half to man the kids, while you quickly "nip to the loo" - an hour and a half later, when you finally make it into a cubicle you bend down and watch your phone disappear into the abyss that is, a Festival port-a-loo. Help is at hand, although you can't 'like' and LOL amazing things like the Up All Hours Friday vid on social media, you can make calls and send texts with the Nokia 105, and its battery will last for around a month on standby, and about a week under regular use. Extras include an FM radio, a few games (including Snake to keep the toddler amused for all of 5 minutes) and it even has a torch. Joking aside, for £18 it is worth investing in one for all members of the family that are able to use one, so that you can all be in contact wherever you are at the festival.

Nokia 105

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