About us

Thank you for visiting Up All Hours!

You probably look at loads of websites. So thanks for dropping in.

If you've come here for info about something specific, or because you need a laugh after a particularly crappy day, then we'll do everything in our power to make you glad you came. Because we feel the same. Especially in the middle of the night.

Up All Hours was created by Sam, when her little boy was 15 months old and often had her awake at 4am, demanding Peppa Pig.

In fact, here's the photo that inspired the whole thing:

The photo that started it all.

Sam posted this photo with some sort of 'Man, I'm tired' comment, in the middle of the night, and three people responded. They were up! Just knowing they were up made her instantly feel better.

That's when she had the idea for this website. She felt it was time to admit that it was okay to say she wasn't taking to motherhood like a duck to water. That sharing her experiences and finding out about other imperfect (ie, normal) parents really helped her.

Her founding philosophy is "It's important to know you're not alone and that there's no such thing as a perfect parent".

So this is what Up All Hours aims to do: whatever you are feeling, whatever you are worrying about, wherever you live at whatever time of dat, we’re here to support. We're here with up-to-date features for you to browse through.

Sam has one more comment for you to bear in mind: "Parenting is the world's biggest community - and it doesn't get any easier as they get older!". Therefore we are a work in progress, and we try to offer advice and support about children of all ages. We'd love you to tell us when we get it wrong (or right).

Our new website has some snazzy features designed to make it particularly easy for you to access our content in the middle of the night. We're also branching out a bit, with things like our nappy-changing and feeding tents at some festivals this summer.

Since Sam created Up All Hours, we have grown into a small team. The concept seemed hit a nerve and outgrew the original website amazingly fast. Our readership grew, so we upscaled, relaunched and now want to keep you posted about who we are. Don't worry, we're all always knackered, and we pride ourselves on being imperfect parents, just like you.

The Up All Hours family:

Sam - founder and CEO

Sam is the mother to one little boy, now 4 years old. She goes to bed late and wakes up early, normally with a couple of wake ups in-between thanks to the little man, so genuinely is Up All Hours!

With a background in business consultancy and having run her own businesses for the last 8 years she prides herself on being hardworking. However, her long suffering husband will contest to a a constant battle for her attention, which her laptop often wins. She loves social media, new technology and finding ways of being creative when working with brands.

Sam is honest and frank when it comes to parenting. She didn’t take to it like a duck to water and believes it is one bloody tough job. She enjoys fitness (mainly to allow her to drink copious amounts of alcohol) loves to travel (although often fears those days are over) and is notoriously nosey. Sam hates curbs, knuckle cracking and small spaces.

Despite running her own parenting site, she didn’t remember Father's Day till 8am on the day last year! #winning

Aly - managing director

Aly is a mother of two who feels constantly exhausted, and denies she is the envy of all her friends for seemingly juggling more work than any other human they know, plus a family life, without snapping at anyone (apart from her husband). She believes it's only the wine at the end of the day that helps her get through it, and she secretly hoovers up every bit of parenting advice, whilst pretending to be too busy to read anything.

Aly's always looking for ways to fight the 'mum tum' but never quite meets her targets. If nothing else, her constant dieting fads and sporadic exercise regimes are a constant source of amusement to all, so she believes, so she selflessly continues to squeeze herself into lycra. Aly is a passionate Imperfect Parent: she might not be doing it right all the time but she is giving it her best shot.

Asa - co-founder

Asa is married to Sam, and has supported the creation of Up All Hours at every step of the way. He makes everything work, knows everyone you could possibly want to contact and has climbed an impressive number of actual mountains. He's going to write something profound about fatherhood for the website VERY SOON AREN'T YOU ASA.